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We have put together some useful resources that will provide you with more information about the fabrics within our collections and the choices you make in your selection of fabrics.


+Australian Made

Australian made logo

“…the most recognized and trusted product symbol of Australia.”

Warwick is proud to offer Australian Made ranges that are licensed to bear the Australian Made logo, the most recognized and trusted product symbol in Australia.

Warwick also actively support the Australian Made Campaign in encouraging customers to buy Australian Made furniture that may be covered in Warwick fabric designs, all tested to Australian, New Zealand and International performance standards.

When customers choose furniture produced by certified ‘Australian Made’ furniture manufacturers they have a unique opportunity to customise their selections with a huge variety of fabric options.

For more info on the Australian Made Campaign please call 1800 350 520 or visit

+Commercial Textile Association of Australia & New Zealand Limited (CTA)

CTA logo

“Working for a better Textiles industry”

Warwick Fabrics are a member of the Commercial Textile Association of Australia and New Zealand Limited (CTA). CTA members are bound by a code of practice for stringent textile performance testing and clear identification ratings for commercial products.

The system provides specifiers, government departments, furniture manufacturers and end users with concise guidelines to evaluate the performance and suitability of a fabric for use in commercial interiors. The grading system is classified into three categories, General Commercial upholstery, Heavy Duty Commercial upholstery and Screen Fabrics. 


Oeko-Tex logo

Oeko-Tex is the internationally standardised criteria directory for testing harmful substances issued by the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology (Oeko-Tex). Our fabrics featuring the ‘Confidence in Textiles’ label have been tested for harmful substances and are found to comply with all required criteria without exception. Look for the Oeko-Tex sticker on your hanger sample. This label also represents that the fabric supplier complies with the Oeko-Tex Standard 1000 certification for environmentally friendly production facilities.



Encore logo

“…one metre of Encore uses the equivalent of four plastic bottles”#

Due to consumer demands for products that offer sustainable environmental choices Encore fabrics have been developed in conjunction with leading yarn suppliers. The recycling of solid polyester waste products prevents their disposal to land fill.

The minimum requirement for any new fabric to be endorsed as an Encore product is for no less than 40% of recycled polyester to be incorporated in the fabric weight per lineal metre. Encore fabrics will vary in weight per lineal metre, depending on each design, but are guaranteed that each metre of fabric will use the equivalent of no less than four 750ml plastic bottles each weighing 30gms.

Recycling Saves Energy
Recycling offers significant energy savings over manufacturing with virgin materials. 1kg of recycled yarn used in Encore fabrics conserves approximately 100,000 British Thermal Units of energy, equivalent to 2 litres of fuel. Producing new plastic from recycled material uses only two-thirds of the energy required to manufacture plastic from materials. The energy saved by recycling one plastic drink bottle could power a computer for 25 minutes.

Reduces Waste
The average consumer discards 3kgs of household waste each day. A high proportion of this waste goes into landfills or oceans. The North Pacific Ocean Gyre is filled with an estimated 4,000,000 tons of plastic. "The equivalent area to the size of Texas, this Gyre has also been dubbed the trash vortex". The average plastic bottle takes approximately 450 - 1000 years to fully biodegrade. Recycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and reduces the quantity of waste disposal in landfills and oceans.

Helps Reduce Green House Gases
In the year 2000, recycling of solid waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tonnes of carbon equivalent, greenhouse gases into the air.

Consumer demand for recycled products helps our environment by encouraging manufacturers to specify and use recycled materials. Warwick Fabrics is committed to the responsible development of textile products in keeping with consumer demand and preferred choices.

*Encore fabrics use polyester yarns that are produced from both post-consumer and post-industrial recycled yarn sources.
#750ml plastic bottle weighing 30 grams.

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Download: Encore Brochure (350Kb PDF)


Warwick Halo logo

“…High-performance, easy clean fabrics pass the toughest testing.”

We're not always angels. Thats why Halo fabrics are built to last.

All Warwick Halo fabrics are woven to precise specifications and tested to exacting standards for colourfastness, abrasion, inherent stain resistance and safety.* Additionally, Halo fabrics are resistant to pilling, mould and mildew and impervious to attacks by moths, silverfish and insect pests.

Warwick Halo fabrics are compatible with independent retail fabric protection and guarantee programs. These programs enhance the fabric's ability to resist liquid staining by providing a spill repellent surface and/or warranties to cover accidental damage.

Warwick Halo fabrics are the perfect choice for those who calue both fashion and function.

*Tested for absence of Free Formaldehyde (ISO14184-1:1998)

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Download: Halo Brochure (1.4MB PDF)


HealthGuard logo

“…for a cleaner, healthier home.”

With over 12 percent of the population suffering from asthma and 40 percent from allergies, Warwick’s HealthGuard™ range of fabrics has been developed to help Australians make better lifestyle choices in their furniture coverings.

With revolutionary HealthGuard™, Warwick has specifically developed high performance fabrics for long-term protection against the house dust mite, mould and bacteria while maintaining an odour-free surface.

Proven and tested by Monash University’s Department of Microbiology and boasting worldwide quality assurance (including Oeko-Tex international registration); HealthGuard™ is odour-free and specially developed to reduce dust mites which can trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies and even eczema symptoms.

HealthGuard™ is a registered trademark of Global Speciality Chemicals Pty. Ltd

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Download: HealthGuard™ Brochure (140kb PDF)


Lustrell logo

Our Lustrell collections not only include traditional faux leather looks but also unique textures such as skin, graphic, metallic, and weave looks - all guaranteed to add a distinctive flair to any interior.

Lustrell incorporates the latest advances in PVC technology with outstanding physical properties including high abrasion resistance, tear resistance and excellent colourfastness. All of this combined with a natural flexibility which allows Lustrell to stay looking better, longer. 

To browse our Lustrell qualities click here


Macrosuede logo

‘Warwick's premium quality Macrosuedes help furniture look younger for longer by ticking all the boxes’


Macrosuede is the only man-made suede in the world to incorporate ‘Healthguard’, offering in-built protection against dust-mite pathogens, great news for over 2 million Asthma sufferers throughout Australasia and children are particularly at risk. One in four Australian children experience some sort of respiratory condition.

Warwick Macrosuedes are tested for ‘heavy commercial’ durability and have gained wide exposure in commercial markets where they are also tested to Australian/NZ Fire Hazard Properties Standard AS 1530.3.


Scratch-resistant and pet-friendly, Warwick Macrosuedes are engineered to resist scratches in a way no natural leather can. Drag a corkscrew across the surface to mimic the effect of pet claws. While some marks may remain, the bulk of them can be rubbed or brushed away. Pet hairs can also be easily removed with a damp cloth.


Easy clean - Try spilling a glass of water on Warwick Macrosuedes. Liquid spills simply bead on the surface. Blotting with a paper towel or colourfast cloth removes the liquid easily. Warwick Macrosuede technology also incorporates anti-static chemistry which prevents the attraction of dust particles and acts as a fluorochemical agent releasing stains.


Look for the Macrosuede Hallmark! Macrosuede and Macro-Soft are registered trademarks that guarantee the exclusive quality and tailoring characteristics of Warwick Fabrics’ high performance man-made suedes. Since 2006, to protect against cheap copies, each of these products included a printed hallmark on the reverse side of the fabric.

So beware of generic suede names such as ‘Microsuede’, and where possible ask your furniture retailer to unzip cushion covers to show the true Macrosuede hallmark.

Download: Warwick Macrosuede Brochure (3.30MB PDF)


Marine logo

“ Stylish good looks combine with high performance and durability.”

Warwick has developed specific ranges to meet the increasing demand within Australia’s substantial marine and boating market. These ranges meet and exceed world standards. Providing stylish good looks, combined with high performance and durability characteristics, to provide complete protection against the elements.

To browse Marine qualities click here

+Slip Wash Cover

Slip Wash logo

Warwick Slip-Wash-Cover Fabrics are a range of upholstery fabrics which have been commercially prewashed and tested to ensure they can be washed and tumble dried on a regular basis without fear of shrinkage*. With more than one cover, you can change at your leisure, the very atmosphere, feel and character of a room, or with different seasons, transform your room, without changing your furniture.

These fabrics are designed to meet international quality standards for durability, colour fastness and ease of maintenance.

*Shrinkage according to international standards not greater than 3%

To browse Slip Wash Cover qualities click here

+SUNDEC™ Outdoor

Atrium logo

“The perfect fabric for all outdoor applications.”

Whether in the garden, by the pool, on a boat, entertainment deck or an outdoor cafe, SUNDEC™  is designed to create a beautifully coordinating environment that can be effortlessly maintained no matter the conditions.

SUNDEC is a lightfast, durable and easy to clean partner for all year round indoor and outdoor decorative applications.

Developed to withstand commercial sunlight exposure requirements, mould and mildew growth, chlorine damage and general wear and tear.

If that's not enough, Warwick's SUNDEC includes water repellency and microbial hygiene protection making stylish outdoor living easier.

To browse SUNDEC ranges click here

Download: SUNDEC Brochure (3.3MB PDF)

+Thomas Maxwell Leathers

Thomas Maxwell Leather

For countless centuries, mankind has used and appreciated leather for its comfort, aesthetics and it’s durability amid the rigours of everyday life. Today’s furniture designers are demanding even more from leather to satisfy their desires of a style, comfort and quality conscious customer.

That’s why Warwick introduced Thomas Maxwell Leathers.

Thomas Maxwell Leathers are sourced from countries where moderate climate and farming methods encourage healthier, bigger animals that are less affected by insects, disease and heat. All Thomas Maxwell leathers are tanned and drum dyed throughout to ensure full colour permeation, after which the leather may be lightly buffed to enhance surface appearance. Only premium unbranded hide selections are used.

Surface colours are added to provide excellent light fastness, scuff resistance and cleanability. Each hide is individually stamped with the Thomas Maxwell hallmark to confirm its authenticity.

To browse Thomas Maxwell leathers click here

Download: Thomas Maxwell Leather Brochure (3MB PDF)

+Tritan™ aged care/hospitality

Tritan logo

“Tested for heavy commercial applications, extended performance and appearance characteristics.”

Tritan is a full range of high performance, easy clean fabrics with water repellent and anti-microbial characteristics for the aged care, hospitality and commercial upholstery applications. Developed in Australia combining international commercial fabric standards, with the benefits of prompt local supply and reduced costs.

All Tritan fabrics offer significant advantages to the discerning commercial buyer, including fire retardant properties, commercial grade abrasion rating, resistance to liquid absorption, anti-microbial properties, prevention of dust mite infestation, are environmentally and user friendly. Tritan’s easy clean fabric surface provides a solution to maintenance and long term aesthetics of furniture.

To browse Tritan ranges click here

Download: Tritan Brochure (1.6MB PDF)

Treatments and Finishes

+Professional Fabric Treatments

The following treatments may be applied to ALL fabrics, other than high pile viscose rayon chenilles, velvets or pocket weave jacquards, upon which the surface character may be altered. Please speak to our staff about pricing and whether your fabric selection is suitable prior to placing your order.

  • Fire Retarding.
    This treatment can be applied to all fabrics, including PVC and vinyl products providing they have a backing. Please clearly specify when placing your order if you require this treatment to be applied.
  • Stain Repellent Treatments
    Available on all woven fabrics, excluding velvets. Please clearly specify when placing your order if you require this treatment to be applied.
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment
    Available on all fabrics, excluding velvets. Please clearly specify when placing your order if you require this treatment to be applied.
  • Combined Fabric Treatments
    Fire retardant, stain repellent and anti-microbial treatments can be applied in the one process. Please clearly specify when placing your order if you require this treatment to be applied.

Download : WARGUARD FLAME (1.5Mb PDF)

Download : WARGUARD HEALTH (1.5Mb PDF)

Download : WARGUARD STAIN (1.5Mb PDF)


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